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photo: Jorge Bispo

Leblon Arquitetura is an architectural practice located in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)  and focused on corporate and commercial interior projects through the partnership of Guilherme Leuzinger Milanez and Henrique Price Grechi of two professionals with more than 20 years of experience.


We believe in a model of architecture that seeks inspiration in different environments and cultures. An architecture that takes considerations not only aesthetical and functional aspects of a space but, most importantly, what the end users will feel and how they will live, work and/or have fun on it.


We design offices that reflect the culture of companies and that could have the cosiness of a home. We design commercial spaces, at the same time sophisticated, comfortable and functional. We enjoy taking care personally of each detail, from the first sketch up to the last decorative item, aiming for our clients’ full satisfaction and the commitment with the delivery of an excellent quality product, above their expectations and always respecting the premises of budget and deadlines.

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